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BVI Company Formation

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a group of 60 islands, cays and rocks located in the Caribbean Sea. BVI is one of the most popular tax-free jurisdictions in the world for registering offshore companies. An offshore company in BVI is known as International Business Company (IBC). The business infrastructure and telecommunication facilities in BVI are outstanding and this makes the British Virgin Islands a suitable and thriving business hub. A BVI offshore company is usually formed to benefit from the relaxed tax terms available in the islands.

A minimum of one shareholder & director is required for the company formation. Nominee shareholders and directors are permitted. The shareholders and directors can be an individual or corporate or legal entity. All BVI companies should have a registered office and a registered agent in BVI.

Advantages of Setting Up BVI Company

  • 0% Corporate income tax
  • 100% Asset Protection
  • Exemption from all local taxes
  • Cost effective and fast formation procedures
  • Low cost for annual renewal
  • No accounting and audit requirements
  • Citizens of any country can register a BVI BC
  • Companies registered in any other jurisdiction may be transferred to BVI

Business Link UAE provides full assistance in registering BVI companies. We support our clients to select the most appropriate jurisdiction for their offshore company. If you need any further clarification on British Virgin Islands (BVI) company formation and its procedures, Contact us at 00 971 556070118 or Email us to

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