Business Visa

The UAE business visa welcomes and promotes foreign entrepreneurs setting up a business in the country. To meet the diverse demands of our clients, we offer a comprehensive range of corporate solutions through our PRO and visa services.

Closely linked to the UAE Golden Visa, the business visa offers various advantages to business owners or entrepreneurs. From various government incentives to easy business setup solutions.

This is a long-term visa that allows the entrepreneur to stay in the country for a long time to set up their business and carry out the operations exponentially. They can also sponsor dependents and family.

The process of obtaining a business visa is rather easy, we recommend using the assistance of a professional visa service provider. The highly-professional and experienced PRO team can assist in providing business visa services in Dubai or across the UAE and ensure a smooth service.

To learn more about the various business visas available in the UAE and the procedures involved, keep reading.


To obtain a business visa in the UAE, an individual must:

  • Have a business idea or plan to set up or expand in the UAE
  • Have the intention to go to the UAE in order to conduct the business
  • Establish that they have the experience or skills of an entrepreneur
  • Be part of a leadership/shareholder team in a startup

The two main types of business visas commonly issued are:

1-month visa – If your application is successful and you currently live in the UAE, you can apply for a one-month business visa. But because it’s just temporary, this visa needs to be changed into a residence permit before it expires.

6 months visa – If you don’t live in the UAE, you may be able to obtain a business visa with a six-month validity period. This multiple-entry visa offers the applicant a great opportunity to stay in the country, with their family, and seek employment prospects. Individuals who wish to reside in the country longer should obtain this visa.

The UAE visa application comes in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the application for a visa
    Make sure to provide data about your contact information, travel schedule, and reason for visiting the UAE. Once the form is finished, you can submit it along with the appropriate documentation.

  2. Pay the necessary fees
    You will be required to pay the required fee if your application for a UAE business visa is accepted. This depends on the type of visa you’re applying for and its validity period, different fees apply.

  3. Get your UAE business visa
    Your application will be evaluated after payment has been received, and you will receive your visa within 14 days.

Obtaining a business visa in the UAE gives an opportunity to entrepreneurs and business owners to set up their businesses in the UAE or look for prospective employment opportunities.

Having a business visa can open avenues for investors and entrepreneurs alike to benefit from the immense opportunities, incentives, and measures the government provides. Businesses also have the ground to engage on an international platform and network with individuals in the same business community, along with flexible business measures in the country.