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There can be several occasions and reasons in which one would need a residence visa in Dubai. Not only in the general cases of requiring to stay in Dubai for employment or business purposes, but other reasons might also include like- owning a property in Dubai, and close relatives (and maids and servants) needing to move to the UAE with the primary applicant.

As per the reason for applying for UAE residence visa, the process to get the same may depend. Therefore, it is always the best idea to hand over the task of Dubai Residence Visa to a professional service provider like PRO services. The residence visa is essential when you want to move to the UAE with family and support.

A Dubai residence visa process is only started once the concerned foreigner is inside the UAE after clearing the initial entry permits or via tourist visas, and is above 18 years of age. The applicant must also undergo Dubai residence visa Medical Test to prove the person is physically fit. Also, the person needs to apply an ID card issued by the government and go through a security test.

The validity of the resident visa is subjected to change by the concerned ministry, and as of now, resident visas can be even for as long as 5-10 years, but on certain conditions. Else it can be for 1,2 or 3 years depending on the sponsor.

Why would a foreigner need Dubai Residence Visa?

It must be noted that as a foreigner, one should go for Dubai Residence Visa Application only on a particular occasion. According to the official Government website of the United Arab Emirates, below mentioned are the specific reasons why a foreigner might approach for Dubai Residence Visa Process

  • Employed by an employer. Here the employer will apply as well as sponsor the employment visa for the employees to stay in the UAE.
  • Much like the above when any UAE government entity employs a person. Here again, the same suit follows.
  • A person who is an investor in the UAE. Here the person, under the banner (sponsorship) of the registered name of his business, will apply and process his/her visa.
  • Obtained a property in the UAE. Here the person’s residence visa will be sponsored under the owned property in UAE.
  • Dependents of someone who’s 1) a property owner, 2) an investor, 3) employee.
  • Dependent visas and Servant visas is a must for dependents moving to the UAE, which can be parents, children and maids.
  • Students who’re studying in UAE educational institutions. Much like the employee residence, the university will apply and sponsor the residence visa of the person.
  • Students who’ve retired, under special terms and conditions.

What are the Documents required for Applying for Dubai Residence Visa?

It is probably the best feeling for anybody who has gotten a job in Dubai and is now looking forward to bring in the family by acting as a sponsor to then, in Dubai. Here are the few essential documents you’ve got to keep handy while applying for a residence visa for family and servants.

  • Meticulously typed application form
  • Passports of the members with at least six months validity- attested
  • Clear passport-sized photograph for each dependent applying
  • Marriage certificate if sponsoring a spouse
  • Birth certificate if sponsoring children
  • If the daughter is above 18, a written statement certifying her unmarried
  • Attested contract of the employer and salary certificate. Specific requirements are there for them whose residents are employer-sponsored and for them whose aren’t.
  • Three-months worth of bank statement
  • The original and attested contract for rent
  • Latest electricity and water bill
  • Two hundred and fifty AED as application fees. A little more if urgent

Harness the best possible Dubai visa services specially for residence visa from Pro Services, and see yourself along with your family, enjoying togetherness in Dubai at the earliest.