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Dubai World Central (currently known as Dubai South) is a strategic initiative by the Government of Dubai to support a number of activities including logistics, aviation, commercial, humanitarian, residential and other related businesses around Al Maktoum International Airport. It is recognized as one of the most aspiring and unique projects of its kind in the world and Dubai World Central Free Zone is an extension of Dubai’s legacy as a connection point between the East and the West.

The logistics, humanitarian and aviation districts enjoy the added benefits of airside access while the exhibition district offers efficiency and cost savings due to its close proximity to the airport. Residential, commercial and leisure districts provide accommodation, office and entertainment options for people working at DWC and businesses that require frequent travel.

Dubai World Central also offers cost-effective and easy business setup solutions through its business center located in Dubai South headquarters. The Business Center is a fully equipped business center that offers a shared desk and shared office solutions for those who do not require permanent office space for their businesses. Such an opportunity makes the company formation in Dubai South cost-effective and affordable.

Furthermore, DWC free zone business setup is a more likely choice for the investor because; Dubai World Central will be hosting the World Expo 2020. Under the theme of “connecting minds, creating the future” Dubai is the first city in the region to host such a highly famous international exhibition. The location of the exhibition will be the exhibition area of Dubai World Central.

Types of License in Dubai World Central

  • Trade License:

Under this license, the import/export and distribution of specifically mentioned products can be undertaken.

  • Logistics License:

This license will allow specified logistics services (e.g. storage, transportation, distribution, sorting, forwarding and clearing activities, order management, inventory management, etc.)

  • Industrial License:

This license will allow the operation of light manufacturing activity (e.g. blending, mixing, purifying, assembling forming, repacking, or wrapping of products) by utilizing hand labor or quiet machinery in a manner which does not produce smoke, gas fumes, heat, light or any other undesirable by-products. Please note that Industrial licenses will not be issued without proof that Environmental Impact surveys and studies have been done comprehensively.

  • Trading License:

This license will allow for the import / exporting, distributing and storage of items specified in their particular license.

  • Service License:

This license permits the carrying out of services specified in the license in question but only within the DWC Free Zone and it is only permissible elsewhere in the UAE through the obtaining of additional local licenses in certain jurisdictions. Such licenses are issued to Free Zone Enterprises supporting the logistics industry and will include services such as consulting and training or any other related activity.

  • About Dubai South Business Setup Cost:

Company formation in Dubai South(Dubai World Central)free zone starts from 30,500 AED.

Advantages of Business Setup in Dubai South (DWC)

  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • 100% Tax-free operations
  • 100% Repatriation of capital and profits
  • No tax or duty for import and export
  • Flexible commercial lease terms
  • Wide range of Business Activities and Facilities are permitted
  • Minimum documentation to setup a company
  • No proof of share capital
  • No currency restrictions
  • Competitive rates
  • Direct Access to Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Sea Port

At Business Link UAE, we helped many of our clients to setup their business in Dubai World Central. For more information about the procedures of DWC Company formation, Contact us at 00 971 556070118 or Email us to

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