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Trademark Registration in Dubai

Trademark Registration Services in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai or anywhere in the world involves a lot of planning, research, groundwork and obviously some legal formalities too. With the rise of business setup consultancies in Dubai, setting up a business and getting done with all the legal formalities has now become easier than ever.

One of the legal formalities that many entrepreneurs/investors struggle with is the trademark registration in Dubai. For company formation in Dubai, registering a trademark is a big must.

With the aim of protecting valuable assets of a company, a trademark is basically a recognizable word, design, phrase or an expression which differentiates the products or services of a particular source from those of others.

Thanks to the legal knowledge and expertise of our advocates, Business Link UAE is uniquely positioned to not only help with company formation in UAE but also assist its clients with trademark registration.

Trademark Registration Requirements and Process

Being one of the most reputable trademark registration providers, Business Link UAE is here to help you with all the legal formalities that come with trademark registration in UAE.

Below are some legal requirements to register a trademark in UAE:
  • The proprietor must submit an application to the Trademarks Registration Office for initial investigation.
  • Once the application is submitted, the Trademarks Registration Office then carries out an investigation to check if the trademark has been registered before by any other party or not.
  • Once it’s confirmed that the trademark is unique and doesn’t already belong to any other party, an application with all the relevant documents plus the image of the desired trademark is filed, along with the payment of the fees.
  • After the above mentioned process, the Trademarks Registrar Office then publishes your application for trademark registration in 2 local newspapers.
  • The publication of the trademark application gives the other parties to file a notice of opposition, if they have any concerns – within 30 days of the publication.
  • The proprietor may appeal at the ministry committee regarding the Registrar’s decision about the opposition and an appeal can be made at the competent court regarding the committee’s decision too.
  • If any notice of opposition is not filed within the 30 days of the publication, your trademark will be successfully registered and the certificate of registration will also be issued.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark registration is one of the vital steps every investor and entrepreneur must carry out for company formation in Dubai.

Below are some documents required to register a trademark in Dubai:
  • A soft-copy of the targeted trademark’s image in black and white color and a copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • If you wish to utilize our professional trademark registration service, then a power of attorney must appoint our consultancy firm to carry out the trademark registration process on your behalf.
  • For corporate applicants, a copy of the application Certificate of Incorporation is also required.
  • If the trademark is registered in any other country, the trademark registration certificate will also be required.
  • The required fees must be paid.

Benefits of Trademark Registration, Dubai:

Below are some benefits that come with trademark registration in Dubai:
  • By using our trademark registration services, you receive the legal rights to use a particular mark in respect of the goods/services covered by it. Registering a trademark gives the proprietor the authority to sue for infringement against unauthorized use.
  • Getting sued by another party for trademark infringement is terrible for any business owner – registering a trademark saves you from such inconveniences.
  • Registering a trademark gives you concrete proof of your legally protected rights.
  • A trademark is an asset which can be licensed, franchised and even be sold. As your business grows, the value of our trademark will also increase.
  • A trademark can work as an effective communication tool for your business and can help you convey your company’s emotional attributes, vision and message to the audience.
  • Trademarks make it easier for your customers to distinguish your brand/business from your competitors and can make your brand, produce or service stand out from others

To take advantage of the benefits that come with trademark registration in Dubai, entrepreneurs and investors should team up with a reputable Business Setup Consultancy in Dubai to help them acquire the right licenses and operate efficiently.

At Business Link UAE, we have the best advocates and business setup consultants in Dubai who know how to make the process of business setup and trademark registration in Dubai a breeze for both, seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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