Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis a major free zone, economically developed with a big residential community. To set up a business in the free zones of UAE. The first thing needs to inform all the free zones to select the one that best fits their requirements. Silicon Oasis operates as the biggest technological service provider amongst the various free zones offering IT, research and development, and other industrial level services.

Moreover, Dubai Silicon Oasis where the government tries out and verify its various technical projects before their final implementation. The numerous benefits of a Business Setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis include the no requirement to pay corporate and personal taxes, full repatriation of the profits and capital invested, no restrictions on foreign exchange, etc. This set of benefits is offered in almost all free zones with a variation in the number of benefits offered. If you will analyse, you will realize that every free zone provides specific invaluable advantages that others don’t.

In Dubai Silicon Oasis, major benefits are ranging from business promotional and support services to capital funding schemes. Even the accommodating here provides for the state-of-the-art experience such as the offices, warehouses, industrial spaces, commercial areas, and more.

Different licenses for Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis

License is the crucial part and the foundation upon which the nature of your business is built. When opting for the license. You have to look out and classify your business activity into the license that matches perfectly. In case you have no idea how to proceed with Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Here are the different licenses and types of activities they cover.

Trade License– The trade license includes activities of the export, import, and distribution of the specific products listed on the license.

Service License– This license is for the investors or professionals who wish to provide their services in the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Industrial License– Industrial license is to get permission for carrying out industrial activities that involve importing raw materials, and manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and exporting the finished products.

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone License Cost decide by the type of license you choose for engaging in your specific business initiative.


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