Remote Working Visa in Dubai: Everything You Need To Know

As the global workforce continues to evolve, Dubai has positioned itself at the forefront of this transformation, offering an innovative solution for professionals seeking to work remotely while enjoying the city’s dynamic lifestyle and numerous perks. Let’s explore the program that allows you to live and work from your balcony or by the beach, anywhere you prefer. Find out the eligibility criteria, how PRO services in Dubai can assist, and the advantages that Dubai’s remote visa brings to the table. 

Flexibility and Convenience

Dubai’s remote visa program provides a unique opportunity for professionals to live and work in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. All while maintaining the freedom to work remotely. With this visa, you can enjoy the flexibility of setting your own work hours. Choosing your preferred workspace, and even exploring the beautiful attractions Dubai has to offer during your leisure time.

Access to a Global Hub 

Renowned for its global connectivity, Dubai serves as a central hub for both business and leisure. With a remote visa, you can leverage Dubai’s strategic location to connect with professionals from all over the world. The city’s excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced digital ecosystem make it an ideal base for remote work, enabling seamless communication and collaboration with international clients and colleagues.

Facilities and Amenities

Undoubtedly, Dubai is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. By obtaining a remote visa, you gain access to a wide array of world-class facilities and amenities designed to enhance your professional and personal life. From cutting-edge co-working spaces and well-equipped business centers to high-speed internet connectivity, Dubai ensures that remote workers have everything they need to thrive in their professional endeavors.

Tax Benefits

One of the major advantages of the remote visa in Dubai is the attractive tax benefits it offers. As a remote worker, you can take advantage of Dubai’s favorable tax policies, including the absence of personal income tax. This means you can keep a larger portion of your earnings, allowing for greater financial stability and increased savings potential.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following are necessary for applicants:

  1. Passport with a validity period of at least six months.
  2. Valid health insurance that covers the UAE.

For employees

A minimum monthly salary of US$3,500, the payslip from the previous month. Three bank statements from the months preceding the current one are all requirements for employment verification.

For Entrepreneurs and business owners

  • Evidence of responsibility for the organization for one year or more, dependent upon expansion, with a typical month-to-month pay of US$3,500 each month or its comparable in unfamiliar monetary standards and 3 going before months’ bank articulations.
  • Confirmation of work/work outside the Assembled Middle Easterner Emirates and that the work is led from a distance.
  • In order to apply for permits for members of a family, applicants must provide proof of current health insurance and a passport, as well as payment for each member’s fee.

How PRO Services Can Assist? 

  1. Documentation Assistance: Applying for a remote visa requires various documents, such as proof of employment, accommodation, financial statements, health insurance, and more. PRO service providers can help you gather and organize the required documents, ensuring that everything is in order before submission.
  2. Application Submission: PRO and visa services in Dubai can handle the entire application submission process on your behalf. They will fill out the necessary forms accurately, attach the supporting documents, and submit the application to the relevant authorities. This minimizes the chances of errors or omissions that could lead to delays or rejections.
  3. Follow-up and Updates: Throughout the visa application process, PRO service providers can keep track of the progress and provide you with regular updates. They can inform you about any additional requirements, appointments, or changes in the process, allowing you to stay informed and prepared.
  4. Time and Efficiency: Hiring PRO services can save you valuable time and effort. They understand the remote visa process in detail and can navigate it efficiently, potentially accelerating the overall application timeline.


Dubai’s remote visa program presents an exciting opportunity for professionals seeking the perfect blend of work and lifestyle. With its flexibility, global connectivity, and top-notch facilities, the city is an excellent choice for remote workers looking to thrive in a dynamic environment.

So why not take advantage of Dubai’s remote visa and embrace the future of work today? Discover the endless possibilities that await you. 

To get a better understanding of what this visa provides or to apply now, you can reach out to Business Link’s professional trusted PRO services in Dubai. We’ll make sure you can get started from anywhere. 

Safe travels and happy remote working!