Sharjah Media City

Over the years free zones in UAE have become a major attraction for setting up a business. Also serving other investment purposes. The major reason why investors are compelled to invest here is the flexible and cost-friendly investment policies. It opens doorways to different types of businesses. The various free zones now consider the most coveted business hubs for the Middle East and other adjacent areas.

Sharjah Media City or Shams is another appealing place for Sharjah Media City Business Setup. Starting your venture here offers adequate scope for prosperity and swift functionality of your business since the government regulations and policies are well-implemented. Besides, different types of businesses such as media, manufacturing, and other creativity-oriented startups can find a suitable ambiance in Sharjah.

Set in motion in January 2017, the city of Sharjah is just a few minute’s reaches from the city’s and the country’s international airport. It encourages licensing for several different business activities such as accounting, trading, publishing, fishing, foods and beverages, and more. One can easily get the service, industrial, and trading license for business setup in Shams.

Types of license for incorporating your company in Sharjah

Service License: Service license is for supporting creational and recreational activities. Such as making, revolutionizing, and supplying your specific kind of service. These services can be offering the main object or using different means to render a particular service.

Industrial License:  This license is for industry-related works such as manufacturing, producing, recycling, and transforming any type of commodity.

Trading License: The trading license is your license to start selling the goods in Sharjah Media City or enable the import and export of various goods. The selling goods include transportation of goods, wholesale or retail selling (distribution of goods), and offering services concerning the selling of such goods.

Holding License: A holding license is for permitting the possession of standalone assets or your shares or stakes in some other companies. Holding Company formation in Sharjah is done directing and controlling other companies, stocks, assets, patents, and trademarks.

Some unique benefits of company formation in Sharjah

Benefits of setting up your venture in Shams (Sharjah Media City).

  • Non-applicability of import and export duties on different business that functions in the vicinage of the city.
  • Investing in this free zone opens up options for exercising different business activities using a single trading license.
  • Your business will be operating as a single independent identity. You can sponsor the employees of your company as well.
  • You can incorporate a limited liability company online or offline using hassle-free procedures.

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