Industrial License Formation

Starting manufacturing and industrial activities, an Industrial license is mandatory by the business planning. The DED issue industrial license in Dubai . But for the final issuance, it has to be approved by the Dubai Municipality, reputable authorities, and different ministries. For instance, if you wish to engage in pharmaceutical-related activities, then your license has to get approval from the Ministry of Health.

The industrial license in Dubai is for the manufacturing and industrial pursuits. The transmuting and revival of raw materials or natural resources are involved. These transformations can take place in various shapes and forms. It includes the alteration of their structure, appearance, assembling of finished products, and completion of semi-processed products into fully manufactured commodities. This type of transmutation can work by both mechanical and manual means. These manufacturing activities include production, segregation, accumulation, and packaging of products.

Conditions or applying for an Industrial License in Dubai

Before proceeding to apply for Industrial License, some arrangements are require

Local Sponsor– Having a local agent is the most essential prerequisite for engaging in industrial activities in Dubai. Local Sponsor own 51% of the shares of the company and the remaining 49% hold by the foreign investors or industrial license holders.

Physical office– You need to possess a physical office or a warehouse in case of manufacturing purposes to get the industrial license. The virtual office will not suffice.

Local license– Apart from the industrial license, the local License issue by he local authority of the area where you choose to function and it is manadatory.

Capital– Capital is mandatory for starting any industrial activity.

Workforce– Your company should be ready with at least ten employees or workers before you apply for the industrial license. You should also have five horsepower machines.

Advantages of obtaining Industrial License with our services

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  • Analyzing the nature or requirements of your industrial activity before applying for the license.
  • Providing a high-tech telecommunications network for the operations of your activities.
  • Protections ensured of the different transactions made through the E-governance system
  • Top-notch industrial infrastructure and availability of international business platforms


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