What is Ejari? What are the Requirements for Ejari Registration?

Ejari refers to an Arabic term that translates to ‘my rent.’ The Real Estate Regulatory Agency introduced Ejari for property and real estate rentals. According to Law 26/ 2007, everyone must follow the rules. The Ejari is a contract between tenant and landlord.

Ejari does not limit itself to only initial rent contracts. There are various other services for it. Thus, some of the prominent services that are a part of Ejari include:

  • Cancellation
  • Registration
  • Termination of rental contract and transfers.

Various other services are a part of the Ejari registration. Therefore, some of these services include:

  • Commercial License
  • Internet connection
  • Liquor and Commercial Registration.

If you are registering for DEWA, you need to provide an attested copy of Ejari too.

Why do people need Ejari?

Having an Ejari certificate in the UAE is important if you are getting a property. All rental property tenants and landlords must register for an Ejari. This helps to protect everyone’s interests. You will need an Ejari certificate so that you can register for a DEWA account. DEWA stands for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. Thus, the body will ensure your apartment receives all services of water and electricity.

As a tenant in a property, you must protect your rights. Ejari registration in Dubai can be one of the best ways to protect the interests of tenants. This will be helpful when you have any conflict with the landlord.

Moreover, you may also need Ejari registration for renewing your trade license for commercial use.

If your family is growing, you will need the registration papers. As a result, this is important for your child’s residency. Your apartment should have enough bedrooms to fit your needs.

An Ejari registration helps to maintain transparency between owners and tenants. It will help to prevent the risk of using any fake document to alter any agreed terms. As a result, the tenant and landlord get to maintain a cordial relationship.

What is the registration process for Ejari in Dubai?

Ejari registration is a very seamless and easy process. If you want to register online, Business Link can assist you in the entire process.

There are three methods for Ejari registration in Dubai. Given below are all the methods:

Ejari Registration via Centers

You can go ahead with the Ejari registration centers approved by the Dubai Land Department. Therefore, the officials will examine your documents and provide approval. Once your documents are analyzed, your application progress will be available on the website.

The tenant registering for Ejari will need to pay the registration fee. Thus, we can help you know the registration fees you need to pay Ejari.

When you are registering for Ejari, you must submit all the documents properly. Therefore, the important documents required for Ejari registration are the following:

  • Passport
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Electric Meter Number
  • Owner’s Letter
  • Commercial License (if applicable)

Ejari Registration Online

Most tenants can also opt for Ejari registration via an online method. However, no tenant will be able to register for Ejari via the Ejari portal. The Ejari portal for filing is only available for certain individuals. Therefore, these are real estate agencies, landlords, and companies handling real estate projects. As a result, if you are a part of any of these groups, you can easily register for Ejari online. All you need to do is upload the papers online on the portal and register it.

Ejari Registration via Dubai REST Mobile Application

For the convenience of tenants, Dubai has also launched the process to register for Ejari using the app. The users can download the Dubai REST app so that they can apply for the Ejari booking process. Therefore, filing using the app is easier and cheaper than centers.

The steps to register Ejari via the mobile app include:

  • Download the Dubai REST app on your specific device.
  • In the Services section, you will come across the RERA option. Click on it.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you click on “Register Ejari’.
  • Enter all the details accurately and upload the documents.
  • Click on the submit button and pay your fee online.

Once they approve the documents, you will receive clearance. Therefore, you can easily register for Ejari online using the app.

What are the documents required for Ejari registration?

When you register for Ejari, you must submit all the valid documents. The authorities will go through the documents before providing approval. Therefore, everyone must submit important documents for Ejari. As a result, these documents are:

  • Tenancy contract
  • Security deposit receipt
  • Tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • The Emirates ID of the tenant
  • Copies of the landlord’s passport (if an individual)
  • Copy of the title deed of the rented property
  • DEWA Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills/Green bill accepted)
  • DEWA bill and previous Ejari if you are renewing
  • Trade license (in the case of commercial properties)

Registration Tips

Some of the tips to follow for the Ejari contract include the following:

  • Ejari must be shared under the tenant’s name.
  • If there are two tenants for a particular property, the lead tenant must register under his name.
  • If the landlord cannot sign, a high-quality scan may get approval.
  • The tenants must be extremely mindful of the process. They must ensure that no one else is familiar with the date for renewing the tenancy contract.
  • The end of the existing contract and a new one must have some overlap.
  • The front door of the property must have a DEWA number.

Ejari Cancellation

When your tenancy ends, you must also cancel Ejari. The landlord has the responsibility of canceling the Ejari registration. As a result, before you go for a new filing, you must cancel the previous one. Business Link UAE can assist you in all the processes- from booking to canceling.