Step by Step Procedure for Residence Visa Renewal in Dubai

The residence visa comes with a specific validity every year. It is important that you know the duration of your visa as this will make it easier for you to renew it. Due to the growing number of expats in Dubai, visas have become very important. The process of residence visa renewal in Dubai is slightly difficult. If you are living in Dubai for a longer time, you will need to follow the visa system. When it comes to residence visa renewal in Dubai, you should consult business professionals as allowing them will make many things easier.

What is a UAE residence visa?

The residence visa in the UAE refers to the permit of the visitor to stay in Dubai for a longer period. The visa will be valid for 2-3 years. As the visa holder, you will need to renew it after the validity date.

How early can you renew the residence visa?

The time for a residence visa renewal in Dubai is thirty days from the date of expiry. Nonetheless, if you have a specific need for renewing, it can also be done a few months in advance. You must take proper permissions and approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, which will provide the proper details on the issuance of a visa.

A step-by-step guide to renewing a residence visa:

If you want to renew your residence visa in the UAE, you must take care of the basics. It is advisable that you follow all the steps properly. The step-by-step guide for renewing a residence visa in the UAE includes the following:

  • Fill out the Emirates ID application

You must get the Emirates ID application typed. You can also get this done online via the website of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP). Apart from that, you can also visit any registered typing center in the UAE with a Public Relations officer (PRO), who will help you in the process.

  • Take the medical fitness test

After applying for the Emirates ID, you must take the medical fitness test. This step is important for all the residents of the UAE. The medical test is done to ensure that the resident is free from any form of communicable disease.

If you want to take the medical fitness test, you must visit a government-operated medical fitness center. Depending on the visa issued by the Emirates you will visit the allocated health authorities.

  • Renew the residence permit

You must renew the residence permit within the deadline. After receiving the medical fitness certificate, you can apply for the process of residence visa renewal.

You can easily renew the permit online or by visiting any typing centre or by hiring PRO services in Dubai. After completing the process online, the registered courier company will pick up the passport from the address that you gave. If you are getting the process done at the immigration centre, you must submit the passport to the courier company.

  • Collect the copy of passport and updated Emirates ID

After the application is granted, you will be able to receive the passport with the visa sticker. The sticker will only be present if the visa was issued in Dubai. The courier will come at a registered courier service. Therefore, you must visit the place to collect the courier. You also need to send the Emirates ID to the Emirates Post office location. You can therefore visit the post office and collect the documents.

Requirements to renew a residence visa in Dubai

The requirement for renewing the resident visa will be the same as that of sponsoring family members. If you want to renew your residence visa services in Dubai, you must fulfill certain requirements.

The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Any sponsor who has a valid residency permit
  • The medical fitness certificate for people above the age of 18
  • The insurance cards. This is important for a residence visa in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • The re-issued identity card for the authentic registration receipt from ICA

When you are renewing your residence visa in Dubai, you also need to have the documents. Therefore, the documents that you need to submit for the residence visa include:

  • Sponsored photo
  • Original sponsored passport
  • Online application. If you do not have an online application, you can register via the typing office for a residency permit renewal permit. The sponsor must sign the permit. This will be applicable whether they belong to a private, public, or personal sponsor.
If you are a private sector employee, the business must sponsor your residence visa. When you opt for renewal, the sponsoring business should only submit the documents. Therefore, the documents they must submit for approval include the following:
  • A valid copy of the trade license
  • The copy of the firm card
  • The renewed labour card of the sponsor
  • The labour card renewal receipt (this will only be valid for people above 60 years of age).

For the sponsoring families, they must also submit important documents. The sponsoring families can be spouses, siblings, parents, and children. They can be any first or second-degree relative. Therefore, the sponsoring families must present the following:

  • The copy of the wife or husband’s job contract or company contract for the investors.
  • The legal marriage certificate
  • Current electricity bill
  • Legal salary certificate. The certificate must be from the employer to indicate how much the monthly wage of the employee is.
  • Registered tenancy contract

When you are opting for residence visa renewal in Dubai you need to hire professionals. Allowing the experts to take care of this responsibility will make it easier. You can discuss the budget and eventually make a choice.