Visa Services in Dubai

If you want to visit and enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer, the first step is to obtain a visa. Before entering the UAE  for any purpose getting a visa is crucial. Here’s where Pro Services can come in to assist you and make that process easier for you. Here are the different types of visas we offer:

  • Tourist/Visit Visa

As a visitor r tourist in the country, you must get a tourist visa. You can stay for up to 30 days; if you wish to extend your stay, you must renew your visa. 

  • Residence/ Family Sponsorship Visa

You can obtain a resident or family visa in Dubai if you have family members residing in the country. A resident of the UAE may arrange for their family members to visit the UAE as long as it complies with the relevant emirate’s laws. Depending on the situation, the UAE government may ask about the designation, income, and other pertinent details of potential visitors.


  • Employment Visa

The employment visa is for people looking for employment opportunities in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. Upon receiving approval from the UAE Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Immigration department gives an employment visa to the person.


  • Investor/Partner Visa

This form of visa is for foreign investors who seek to fund projects in the UAE regional markets and economy. In order to establish a firm in the UAE, new business owners must also get an investor or partner visa.


  • House Help/Nanny Visa

This visa is for those moving to the country to work as nannies or housemaids. An employer, local agent, or sponsor must be secured before the person traveling on this visa. Families employing such housemaids must also finish the process, where professional assistance helps.


Why pick our PRO services

Our PRO services assist you with a transparent process that ensures you rightfully get the visa. Our proficient consultants guide you with each visa processing requirement and assure that your visa gets cleared. We stay abreast of the various regulations and are quick to provide you with specialized services in accordance with the type of visa you are applying for.