Construction Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

Requirements & Approvals

Construction Company Setup in Dubai, Recently, the number of foreign investors looking to become a resident has gone up in Dubai UAE. This is accomplished by investing in real estate. This boom has consequently increased construction projects sprouting up in different parts of the Emirates and Dubai in particular. It has also been observed that the value of these projects is sky-high. New businesses are coming up, but the hottest and most profitable one seems to be construction company formation in Dubai UAE. The 2020 Dubai Expo is a much-awaited event and this, in particular, has caused a dramatic rise in the number of construction projects in Dubai in recent times.

Dubai is one of the most profitable businesses in the long run. With the Dubai Expo approaching quickly the number of construction projects is growing month after month. Just in case you have been wondering about how the construction company formation in Dubai UAE works, our company’s incorporation agents can help you with the details and provide information on the legal requirements that are to be met.

How to Register a Construction Company in Dubai UAE?

If you are a foreign investor and looking to set up a construction company, the first thing that you need is a local partner. Otherwise, you can look to set up the company in the free zone where you are given the privilege of full ownership. The Building Law in Dubai was amended in the year 2013. Any investor that is looking to set up a construction company must fully comply with the legal provisions of this law wherever the construction is to take place and take approvals from the Dubai authorities for the same.

Formation of a construction company requires that the relevant documents be appropriately prepared and filed with the Department of Economic Development. This forms a part of the registration process.

Special Requirements for Construction Companies Setup in Dubai

commercial license in Dubai is equivalent to a business permit for the formation of business here. Soon after this permit is obtained, it is necessary for the company to obtain the building permit. The company has to hire specialists such as engineers and consultants to apply for the building permit. Only after the permit is obtained can the company start its building activities. The consultant is given the responsibility of soil evaluation and determining its properties at the proposed site of construction.

Other licensed that construction companies must apply for and get are those pertaining to the environment and civil work. The G+1 permit is the building permit issued either by the Dubai Municipality or the authorities at the free zone.

Special approvals for Construction Company Registration in Dubai from the Dubai Authorities

Some compulsory approvals are required once the special licenses have been obtained. Approvals have to be got from the following bodies: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Irrigation and Drainage Department, Building department, and the Civil Defence Authority of Dubai.

In case you need complete information about how to go about for setting up a Construction Company in Dubai UAE, please feel free to contact our business setup experts in Dubai for assistance.

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